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A Recent Interview with Executive Director Janice L. Parks giving an Overview of our Frontline Leadership initiative in partnership with JParks Consultant, Business Solutions to bring awareness to Entrepreneurship from an Apostolic perspective with ongoing sessions with opportunities to partner long term to build a Network to serve Africa from a God Loving approach!

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Kampala, Uganda

Youth, Young Women and Girls Life Enrichment Project

DOZA Inc. along with the partnerships of Global Peace Let's Talk and Young Global Entrepreneurs we have embarked on an initiative that is under way!!! We have taken on caring for a village who is in Crisis mode outside of Kampala, Uganda to Mentor, Educate and house a group of young women there who are in their teens and early twenties.

One of them right before Christmas 2021 had been raped.

We are dedicated to this Lifelong relationship!!

Our mandate falls under what is called Crisis Leadership.

It is crucial to find a solution to the Humanitarian problem specific to a particular designated part of the World.

Get involved with us!!

Or Donate Here:

And Donate Here:

They need:

1. New Safe Housing

Immediate Need!!

2. Return back to primary school to finish and then go on to University.

3. Personal hygiene supplies

4. Prayers for their safety and well being.

Due to the sensitivity of this project we will not post names or faces but we will release some edited videos 

Total Fundraising is Two Fold: $175, 000. Usd

1. Our Goal is to provide for Housing not just for these three but to also move forward with DOZA Inc's Vision/Mission to Help other Youth, Young Women and Girls!. This is So Needed!

2. We also have a Great Need for our USA Team to travel to Kenya first and then to Uganda for upcoming 2023 DOZA Inc. Launch July 2023. We need to provide for 8 to travel, accommodations along with transportation while in Kenya, supplies needed for the launch and much more tents, food for the people we serve during the festival and also funds for a partner banquet!

Thank you for your Giving!

Watch the Compelling Documentary Video added! To Update the young women in this Video arre doing much better they have had some other Medical Challenges that DOZA Inc. has attempted to take care of but we need financial help to keep them taken care of properly. One of the young women came down with Typhoid and another with ulcer complications. They are much better but both needed medical attention


By the way we are sorry to say that the Elder mother has passed away since we created this Video.

We Thank God for her and we know that she served well!

                                                         The Below Videos

We Here at DOZA Inc. are so Grateful for the Opportunity to Serve at this Awesome Event in North Eastern Kenya. 

Personal Hygiene items, Undergarments, Refreshments and other items donated.

Itumbi Primary School

This Community is also one that DOZA Inc. will serve to help with Solar Panels for The Water Tank Project.

A Day of Giving, Celebration and Serving Community!

Thank you DOZA Inc. Kenya Team Directors Millicent, Joy and Ginah who is not pictured.


Currently Director Joy has taken over responsibility for DOZA Inc. in Kenya and we have added other working Board Members and will finalize our registration in Kenya by end of December 2022. Also there in Eastern Kenya they will be part of our 4 Day Festival for Kenya in Itumbi a 2 Day event in July 2023 and the other 2 days in Nairobi!


We look forward to It!!

Whatsapp: 1-919-980-3049

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