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Our Projects: The Focus of Our Efforts

Women Holding Hands

Effective and Efficient Support Services

Making a Difference

DOZA Inc.'s initiatives to operate in Entrepreneurial, Organizational and Educational Outreach will be Life Changing!

Doing What’s Needed

Global Community Development

Water Project in a Community in Eastern Kenya between Mombasa and Nairobi! Partner with us and Give to support 200 Families, a School and a Potential  Healthcare Clinic so that they may have water.

Tackling the Issues


DOZA Inc. in Partnerships with GPLT and  YGE 

We have taken on Youth, Young Women and Girls from a village who is in Crisis mode outside of Kampala, Uganda to Mentor, Educate and house a group of young women there who are in their teens and early twenties.


We are dedicated to this Lifelong  Relationship!!

Our mandate falls under what is called Crisis Leadership to Include our ongoing efforts to provide Computer Education via Partnerships with other organizations in Uganda and the USA!

Our Ultimate Goal is $175,000. US for Housing to include our move forward with our Organizational Vision to help other youth, young women and girls along with our Overall plan to  promote other Initiatives in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia and other Global locations!

A 4 Day Festival Launch is in the Strategic Plan  for Kenya and  Uganda!


Water TANK PLATFORM 2021.jpg
WATER TANK 2021.jpg

Thank you for GIVING!

We have an Organized Committee of locals that have Strategically come together to Execute and graciously allowed DOZA Inc. the Opportunity to be a Blessing along side them.

 The Strategic Plan is to do a Tank and a Platform similar to the ones shown in this post 14metres high. To serve a 1.2km   radius.

This is a 3 Phase Project Total Project Cost $55,000.00 US

As we have renewed our commitment to this Community Project we will be focusing on the Phase II aspect of it  started in January  2022 our Goal  is : $10,000.00 US. This Project is On Hold for Now for DOZA Inc., however Great Progress has been Established by the Kenya Community.

DOZA Inc. Kenya is still operating to help with this project with a limited schedule through 2023 as needed to finish the committment.

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