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From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of DOZA Inc. 


Coming Soon!

1-on-1 with DOZA Inc. Executive Director, CEO
Janice L. Parks

Let's Talk Partnerships!!!

Founder/ Executive Director/Business Developer

NGO Whisperer Fellow 2021-2022

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Dr. Carolyne A. Opinde Founder and CEO.

President and CEO at J Parks Consultant/Executive Coach, Business Solutions, Empowerment Speaker International

Former Clinical Research Assistant/Data Management at Quintiles Global., RTP, NC

Studied and Graduated Kingdom School of Ministry

Studied and Graduated The University of New Mexico - UNM: Business Ethics

Studied and Graduated Business Management at Dartmouth College.

Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria We Are Positioning Ourselves For You!!!!

Upcoming Travel to Kenya and Uganda! 2023

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